Jenna Jones





There's a pretty sizable crowd that abhors brunch and everything it represents. Bailey's is ready to give this group a voice, a rallying cry, and like any true movement - a petition.



Ban Brunch Pledge

These targeted carousel ads will hit anti-brunchers in the most heavily inundated brunch place in the cyber world: Instagram. Once they're good and worked up, they'll be directed to sign the online petition. 


Anti-Brunch Box

Once the petition has been filled out, signers will be directed to sign-up for a free package containing items to help out the anti-brunch brigade, including a bottle of Bailey's with door hangs, recipe cards, playing cards, and coasters. 


Door Hangs/Bottle Tags

These bottle neck tags double as Do Not Disturb door hangs. The backs have Brunch themed recipes. 


Playing Cards

These can be used to encourage anti-brunchers' friends to stay at home and play a bit of Brunch Spoons with them.

D coasters.png



You might not stand for brunch, but you'll sit your drink down on it.


Protest Photos

On Sundays, Bailey's will target millennials on Instagram - a refreshing departure from a newsfeed inundated with waffles and lox bagel photos.


Art Director: Katie Coward